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"One picture says more than a thousand words."

Chinese Proverb

Fantastic Finds

I want my photographs to stir the observer's mind and soul; to cultivate a sense of intrigue and wonder, creativity and exploration, desire and devotion.  I have always felt "as one" with nature and have an awe-filled appreciation and respect of the wonders and miracles of life on Earth. We owe an incredible debt to our planet for having sustained human life for centuries while we abuse and ignore it. I hope that my nature photography will inspire others to love and respect ... and preserve ... nature.

A keen, artistic eye, intense love of the land, and professional (Nikon 35mm and digital) equipment enable me to produce high quality photographs of our fascinating world.

Many people comprehend concepts more readily through visual stimulation rather than words.  Photographs, used alone or as a supplement to written text, compel the reader and expressively complement your subject. 

The links to the right will lead to samples for your viewing pleasure.  Enlarged views are available for selected photos.  Please click on a snapshot to view a larger image.

Soon my photographs will be available for purchase as note cards and as artistic prints suitable for framing.   Commissions accepted.

Fantastic Foto Finds

Stormy Skies
Stormy Skies
The Lane - Petit Jean Mountain Private Lane
The Lane
White Rock Park
White Rock Park
River side (Belize)
Sunset through the Sails - Key West, FL
Sunset Through the Sails
Waterfall (Xcarat)
River View - Petit Jean Mountain overlooking Arkansas River and Ada Valley
Mountain View

Mayan Ruins Hilltop (Tulum)
Mayan Ruins Hilltop

Tulum Beach
Tulum Beach
Hell, Grand Cayman Island
Mayan Palace Ruins - Tulum
Mayan Palace Ruins
The Pond - my backyard!
The Pond

Flora Fotos

Water Lily (Texas)
Water Lily
Arboretum Pond - Dallas Arboretum
Arboretum Pond
Sunflower (Texas)
Snowed-over Palm (Arkansas Ice Storm of 2000-2001)
Snowy Pine
Party Rose (Texas)
Party Rose
Arkansas Trees
Arkansas Trees
Arkansas Trees
Grissom Lake Park
Water Hyacith (Texas)
Red Rose (Texas)
Red Rose

Fauna Photos

Napping Flamingo
Napping Flamingo
Sea Turtle (Xcarat)
Sea Turtle
White Killdeer (Belize)
White Killdeer
Back Door Raccoon (Arkansas)
Back Door Raccoon
Poor Dog! (Key West, FL)
Poor Dog!
Being "Catty" - Female Pumas  (Xcarat)
Being "Catty"
Long-billed Bird  (Xcarat)
Snack Time
Snoozing Tapir (Belize)
Snoozing Tapir
Sitting Pretty - Profile of Ms. Ashley
Sitting Pretty
on Vacation (Hot Springs, AR)
On Vacation
Riley's Last Photo
Last Photo
Bare-belly in the Grass
Bare-belly in the Grass

Folks Photos

Jamaican Washday
Jamaican Washday
Eyes Only for Mom
Eyes Only for Mom

Fun Photos

Down Stairs
Down Stairs

Mountain Cabin
Mountain Cabin
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